Essential Oils for rheumatoid arthritis

Essential Oils For Rheumatoid Arthritis


What is Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Rheumatoid Arthritis, (RA) is an autoimmune disease.  A healthy immune systems primary job is to search out any harmful bacteria and viruses.  When an infection is present our immune system jumps into action and produces antibodies to fight it off.

When we have RA, our immune system mistakenly thinks we have an infection, and so, the antibodies attack our healthy joints.  This, in turn, causes inflammation, swelling, pain and in the long run, debilitating joint deformation as well as, problems in the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic disease with no cure at the moment.  The treatment for RA is to slow the progression of the disease with medications, symptom relief, and lifestyle changes. A very important lifestyle change is to keep your body pH level alkaline by following an alkaline diet versus an acidic diet. The use of essential oils can help with that!


essential oils for rheumatoid arthritis


What are Essential Oils?

First off, the link below will explain the scientific definition of essential oils, much better than I ever could.  In short, essential oils are the compounds found in a plant’s leaves, stems, and roots, as well as, other parts of the plant.  The compounds give plants their smells too!  This, in turn, makes them a great choice for aromatherapy.  Essential oils have been used for 1,000’s of years in food preparation, skin care, as well as medicinally.  For example, in treating symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation.

Read the full article, what are Essential Oils?




Essential Oils  For Rheumatoid Arthritis And Their Benefits

There are many essential oils that have been found to help with RA symptoms. Below, I will introduce you to three “ESSENTIAL” oils for rheumatoid arthritis that I find very helpful. Popular essential oils for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers include Basil, Cypress, and Marjoramessential oils for rheumatoid arthritis


  • Basil-   Steam distilling the plants leaves gives us the Basil oil.  Basil is an anti-inflammatory and used often for rheumatism.  Applying topically with a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil will prevent skin sensitivities.  Apply Basil to the bottom of the feet, behind the ears and on the ankles.
  • Cypress-   Cypress is an anti-rheumatic.  Steam distilling the plants leaves produce the Cypress oil. Use a carrier oil with the Cypress to the affected area.  Cypress essential oil helps with chronic pain, swelling, and circulation.
  • Marjoram-  Marjoram is calming and soothing. Steam distilling the plant produce the essential oils. Apply Marjoram topically with a carrier oil to the distressed area.


Topical use of pure anti-inflammatory essential oils will support joint health. You can visit my Doterra website to purchase your own essential oils. You can purchase individually or become a rep yourself and enjoy discounted prices.  Feel free to contact me with any questions.

This is a must-have book to learn about what essential oils can do for you.




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Alright, it has to be said, the information in this post is not presented by a medical practitioner!  You should always seek medical advice from a trusted health care provider.  Furthermore, there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis; however, there are ways to help alleviate the symptoms.


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