amazing benefits of curcumin

Amazing Benefits of Curcumin


What is Curcumin?

Curcumin is a compound of the root turmeric, which is grown in India and Southeastern Asia, or there is this definition I found on Wiki.  In ground form, is the most common use of the turmeric root, as a spice in food preparation.  Though studies have shown that turmeric has many health benefits, the compound, curcumin is the meat of the health benefits.

Amazing Benefits of Curcumin

Curcumin is said to only be in about 2% of the turmeric root so if you are taking turmeric alone, you will need to take large amounts, in fact, you probably couldn’t get enough of the turmeric in your system!  Health benefits found in the root compound include control of; inflammation, pain, diabetes, arthritis, depression, and skin health, among many others.  Some studies have shown that curcumin even has an anticancer effect!

amazing benefits of curcumin

The Best Way To Get Your Curcumin Dose

The best way to get your amazing benefits of curcumin is in supplement form. There are many companies both online and off that offer curcumin, however, there are things to look for before purchasing.

First and foremost, read the label.  Your curcumin supplement should show that it has a minimum standardized to 95%, curcuminoids, Better yet, a minimum standardized 95%, Tetra-hydro-curcuminoids allows all the active curcumin to enter your bloodstream immediately.

Think of it this way, curcumin is ingested, it must be broken down, this can take a few hours when you ingest a minimum standardized to 95%, curcuminoids supplement.  However, if your supplement has a minimum standardized to 95% Tetra-hydro-curcuminoids, it has already been broken down, therefore, the active curcumin enters your system right away!

The next thing to look for is that your supplement states it is delivered via oil.  Curcumin is fat-soluble and therefore needs a fat-soluble oil to deliver it to your system for quick absorption.  Black cumin seed oil is a good choice since the black cumin seed also supports the immune system.

Finally, your supplement should contain supporting ingredients such as ginger. Ginger has many of the same benefits as curcumin since it is in the same family group as turmeric.  Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, reduces pain and supports the immune system.

My Recommended Supplement

Out of the many curcumin supplements available today, I have found one that hits the mark for me.

Smarter nutrition Curcumin works quickly, for some people; within days or up to 2 weeks.  I began taking this supplement and within a week my rheumatoid symptoms of inflammation and pain dramatically decreased.  Let me know your results of this amazing supplement!





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Alright, it has to be said, the information in this post is not presented by a medical practitioner!  You should always seek medical advice from a trusted health care provider.  Furthermore, there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis; however, there are ways to help alleviate the symptoms.

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